Lahore Metrobus System

Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan with estimated population of approximately 10 million. The transport demand estimated by Japanese International Co-operation Agency (JICA) is 12 million trips, which includes 4 million short walking trips and 8 million motorized trips, on a usual weekday. The number of vehicles registered in Lahore increased sharply from 95 vehicles in 2001 to 238 vehicles in 2008; per 1000 population. However, motorcycles make up for more than half (57%) of all the registered vehicles, whereas cars represent one third of the registered vehicles in Lahore.

With the aim to provide safe, efficient and comfortable urban transportation system and reduce the growing congestion problems in Lahore; Punjab Masstransit Authority(PMA) has established Bus Rapid Transit System in Lahore knowns as Lahore Metrobus System. The Metrobus System (MBS) Line-1 from Gajjumata to Shahdara, established in Lahore, is the first system operated by PMA.

The Lahore Metrobus System has the following main features:

  • Two Lane - Limited Access Corridor

  • Gajjumata to Shahdara (27 Km)

  • 27 Stations (Two Curb-side platforms each with three docking bays and level boarding) (18 at-grade and 9 elevated)

  • Platform Sliding doors

  • Escalators

  • Portion from Canal to Data Darbar is elevated (8.3 kms)

  • Automated Fare Collection System with off Board Ticketing

  • Bus Scheduling System

  • Vehicle Location System

  • Passenger Information System (PIS)

  • Intelligent Transportation System for Signal Operations along with the Corridor

  • 64 Articulated Air Conditioned Buses

The line was inaugurated on February 10, 2013 and has achieved highest ridership of 179,104 per day. Till May 01, 2017 the system has transported 210 million passengers.