Frequently Asked Questions


What are the Metrobus Operation Time? Top
6:15 am – 10:00 pm, seven days a week. Click here to view further details.  
How do I use the Metrobus Service? Top
To avail our Transportation Services, every passenger must carry a Fare Media i.e. Token or Metrobus Card. The Token or Metrobus Card can be purchased/ recharged from Ticket Office or Ticket Vending Machine (TVM) at Metrobus Stations. However, facility of purchase of Metrobus Card from TVM is available in Pakistan Metrobus System only. View video guides for know how to use our system.  
How much a Metrobus Card cost? Top
Passengers can purchase Metrobus cards from the Ticket Office at Metrobus Station only, after making a security deposit of Rs 130. Passengers can return the cards at Metrobus stations and reclaim the security deposit - as long as the Cards are returned in proper working condition.  
Does the Metrobus Card have expiry? Top
No, the Metrobus card has no expiry and the balance remains intact.   
What if my Metrobus Card is stolen or lost? Top
There is no refund if the Metrobus Card is stolen or lost. Passengers are advised to take care of the card.  
What if my Metrobus Card malfunctions or breaks? Top
Please contact the Ticket Office at Metrobus Stations in case your card malfunctions.  The Ticket Office staff shall check the card for problems and replace it free of charge, if the problem is verified to be an issue with the functioning of the Metrobus Card. You can return your broken card at Metrobus Stations, and purchase a new one. If there is existing balance in the broken card, it will be transferred to your new card.  
How I Check balance in Metrobus Card? Top
You can tap your Metrobus Card at TVM machine and you will know about the balance in the Card. While entering or exiting the station the turnstile machine also shows the remaining balance.  
Is there any parking available at Metrobus stations? Where should I park my bike/car if I want to travel through Metrobus? Top
The parking facility at stations is not in scope of Punjab Masstransit Authority. Please contact respective City District Government for more informations.  
How to get Job in Punjab Masstransit Authority? Top
Punjab Masstransit Authority staffs are selected based on competitive process. Whenever there is need the vacancies are advertised in newspapers and  PMA website. There is no plan or exact time for advertisement of vacancies.  
How can I get job in companies hired by PMA? Top
The selection of staff in companies hired by PMA lies with respective companies. PMA does not dictate in hiring. The candidates shall contact  companies directly for oppurtunties.  
How much time do I have for entry and exit at the turnstile bay? Top
Once a passenger taps his or her Metrobus Card or Token on the turnstile validator, the turnstile allows a maximum of 30 seconds to the passenger for passing through. Please note that journey fare is deducted in case the passenger does not pass through the turnstile within 30 seconds of tapping their Metrobus Card or Token.  
What are the Contact Information of Punjab Masstransit Authority? Top
  • Lahore Office:

    Arfa Software Technology Park, 346-B, Ferozepur Road, Lahore

  • Rawalpindi Office:

    Near Flashman, Saddar, Rawalpindi