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Intelligent Systems

Automated Fare Collection (AFC) System Top
Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) System is a travel ticketing system which allows collection & management of fare for public transport in a prompt and accurate manner, through the deployment of information technology systems. This system allows the automated collection of payment through PDAs and Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs). AFC system reduces the need for ticket checking staff and helps to prevent fraud. OFF-Board ticketing system is provided for collection of fare on all MBS route.
Bus Scheduling System (BSS) Top
The BSS system helps to manage and control the route scheduling and bus route operation via state of the art Operations Control Centre being established at the Arfa Software Technology Park, Lahore.
Vehicle Tracking System (VTS) Top

VTS System allows tracking of the bus, and conveying real time bus information to the bus station, control center and for telemetry. The VTS System uses a Driver Console for the exchange of textual information between the driver and control center.

  Driver Console for Bus Management  
Passenger Information System (PIS) Top
Passenger Information System provides useful real-time data for bus operation such as estimated arrival time, accurate interval time between buses, and announcements. PIS utilizes the advanced vehicle location and communication technology. The Metrobus Information System provides real time bus information at stations and in the buses.
Intelligent Transportation System Top
A state of the art Intelligent Transportation System facilitates the Metrobus operations and the buses will receive signal priority to the extent possible at eight signalized intersections along the corridors for improving efficiency and reliability.
Surveillance System Top
Efficient Surveillance System is planned for the system, and cameras are being installed in the corridors and at stations for the security of the system. The overall system is designed to be controlled and monitored from the control center.