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Design Characteristics of Metrobus System

The MBS is 27 Km long corridor starting from Gajjumata to Shahdara via Ferozepur Road, Lytton Road, MAO College, Lower Mall, Data Darbar, Niazi Chowk, and Shahdara. MBS corridor has the following main characteristics;

  • A 10m wide dedicated corridor is allocated in the centre of the road for the operation of Metrobus.
  • The Metrobus corridor is configured as a two lane undivided travel-way.
  • There are twenty seven (27) bus stations each with two curb-side platforms i.e. one serving the Shadara-bound buses and the other serving Gajjumata-bound buses;
  • Each Platform is 81m long and 3.5m wide, accommodating three bus-bays to facilitate simultaneous stopping of three articulated buses.
  • Passenger's access to the platforms is provided via escalators, stairs & pedestrian bridges.
  • Four (4) Platform Sliding Doors (PSD) are provided at each bus-bay for the passengers safety.
  • The articulated buses dock precisely in front of the PSD. Level boarding is provided for passengers to enter the bus.
  • Portion from Qaddafi Stadium to Data Darbar (8.3 Km’s) is elevated to avoid conflict of Metrobuse with other traffic, in the congested areas..
  • Metrobus system currently operates with 64 articulated buses.
  • The maximum speed of the Metrobus is 50 Km/h and commercial speed is 26 Km/h.
  • Metrobuses operates at a headway of 2-3 minutes.