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Complaint Types

Operation & Maintenance of Metrobuses in Lahore (BO) Top
  • Punctuality of Buses
  • Dirty or unclean Metrobuses
  • Sudden application of breaks by the driver
  • Overcrowding in buses
  • Improper docking of Metrobuses at stations
  • Broken seats
  • Screen not displaying information
  • No announcement in the Metrobus
  • Wrong announcement in the Metrobus
  • Route map not provided or updated
  • Misbehavior of driver
  • Accident (Critical)
  • Any other issues
Automated Fare Collection, Bus Scheduling System, & Bus Information system (Ticketing & BSS) Top
  • Non availability of tokens or smart card
  • Misbehavior of staff
  • Crowding at Ticket office
  • Excess deduction at turnstile
  • Issues in recharging of smart card
  • Bus arrival information is not displayed
  • Bus information display is not visible
  • Bus information display contents are not correct
  • Other issues
Security of entire MBS stations, and Corridor including controlling unauthorized access at stations Top
  • Non availability of staff at stations
  • Misbehavior of Security Staff
  • Smoking during duty
  • Security staff not in proper uniform
  • Security staff in shabby uniform
  • Other issues
Operation & Maintenance of Sliding Door at stations Top
  • Sliding doors are not working properly
  • Sliding doors operation are not synchronized with Metrobus doors
  • Doors are dirty and unclean
  • Safety issues
  • Other issues
Operation & Maintenance of Generators Top
  • Generators are not working in load shedding time
  • Creating noise at the station
  • Safety issues related with Generators
Operation & Maintenance of Escalators at stations Top
  • Escalators are not working
  • Escalators are unclean & dirty
  • Safety issues in Escalators
  • Other issues
Public Address System at station Top
  • Public Address system is not working
  • Voice is not audible and lacks clarity
  • Announcement is wrong
  • Other issues
Signaling System at eight intersection & Metrobus priority system Top
  • Metrobus signal priority increased cycle time
  • Metrobus signal priority increases delay time for other traffic at junctions
  • Signals on Metrobus corridor are not working properly
  • Frequent accidents at intersection due to Metrobus system
  • Other issues
Feeder Routes Operation Top
  • Not available
  • Not reliable (Not in time)
  • Long walking distance from Feeder bus stop to Metrobus stations
  • More waiting time for feeder buses
  • Other issues
Advertisements at stations & corridor Top
  • Indecent  advertisement
  • Advertisement boards Endangering safety of Passengers
  • Obstruct circulation of passengers
Housekeeping & Janitorial Services Top
  • Unclean & Dirty Toilets/ wash rooms
  • Unclean & Dirty Platform
  • Unclean Corridors
  • Dust bins not available or not properly emptied
  • Unclean pedestrian overhead bridge
  • Cleaning staff not in proper uniform
  • Cleaning staff in shabby uniform
  • Cleaning staff not professional
  • Misbehavior of staff
  • Other issues
Others Top
  • Someone traveled without Ticket
  • Vehicle other than Metrobus entered the corridor
  • Corridor in bad shape at some point (take full details) (Critical)
  • PMA staff misbehave with passengers
  • Any service provider misbehaved with passengers ( Name & Location of violation)
  • Travel time increase for traffic other than Metrobuses at junctions along the Metrobus corridor
  • Someone smoking at the station
  • Indecent behavior by the passengers at station
  • Lack of information at the stations
  • Not enough information signs
  • Someone is stealing MBS infrastructure
  • Someone is destroying the MBS infrastructure